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B.Tech-120 Seats

Wonder how Netflix predicts what its customers will enjoy? Wonder how health applications in your mobile devices are predicting your medical conditions? Wonder how your virtual assistants like Google, Siri and Alexa can do your daily work for you? Soon, your car will be able to drive itself faster and safer while you relax in the seat, but how?

That’s where AI&DS will come in to play to teach the above situations, learn how they work and generate the best results while building some fascinating models. With massive computational power, big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning systems will manage, analyse and use the data far more successfully than ever before.

This program combines two key areas of artificial intelligence and data science which are two complementary areas of Intelligent Systems, where Data science focusing on statistical techniques and Artificial Intelligence on algorithmic techniques. Both areas are in high demand in the tech industry and for Industry 4.0.

Artificial Intelligence jobs are amongst the best paid in the IT sector with both skills in ever increasing demand.

Skills Gained:

  • Create Expert Systems − The systems which exhibit intelligent behavior, learn, demonstrate, explain, and advice its users.
  • Implement Human Intelligence in Machines − Creating systems that understand, think, learn, and behave like humans Knowledge of computer science concepts in automation and specialist skills in artificial intelligence.
  • Data Science provides meaningful information based on large amounts of complex data or Big Data.
  • Extract insights from data and report the results in Data-Analytic contexts.

Job Opportunities:

  • Business Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Intelligence Analyst
  • Data Manager
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Risk Analyst

Courses and Content Delivery

The following are the courses during B.Tech - Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Required Courses
  • Programming for Problem Solving
  • Object Oriented Design and Programming
  • Data Structures
  • Discrete Mathematical Structures
  • Computer Organization
  • Theory of Computation
  • Operating System
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • Database Management Systems and Data Warehouse
  • Language Processing
  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Networks
  • Data Analytics and Mining
  • Web Technologies
Focused Courses
  • Neural Networks and Deep Learning
  • Speech and Image Processing
  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
  • Statistical Modelling
Elective Courses
Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing Data Science and Analytics
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Intelligent Agents
  • Cyber Physical System
  • Brain Computer Interfacing
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Scalable Systems for Data Science
  • Computer Vision
  • Internet of Things
  • Advanced Social Text and Media Analytics
  • Information Retrieval