Why Study At CHBR?

Why Study At CHBR

  • Fully Flexible Choice Based Credit System (CBCS).
  • Provision for Full Semester Internship (FSI) in Industry.
  • Choice to add/drop courses to match the pace of fast and slow learners.
  • Coverage of syllabus within the time frame.
  • Student centric approach in teaching; Extra tutorials for weak students.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in seminars, workshops, projects etc.
  • In-depth preparation of subject by teacher to make it more interesting and easy.
  • Freedom to faculties for implementing innovative ideas in teaching & learning methodologies.
  • Expert lectures by industry experts and top rated academicians.
  • Industrial visits to various local industries.
  • Special program for aptitude and interview preparation.
  • Week end take from home online proficiency tests
  • Extensive use of audio-visual aids, such as multimedia projector, videos etc.
  • Extensive use of cutting edge tools like MOOCS, Moodle, NPTEL videos etc.