Student Grievance Redressal Cell Committee

Grievances & Redressal Cell


  1. A grievance Redressal committee is formed to look in to the complaints from the aggrieved.
  2. The report of grievance committee is forwarded to principal for further action.
  3. Appropriate measures are taken and recorded in the register.

Grievances & Redressal Cell

Grievances Redressel cell is constituted to up hold the dignity of the college by ensuring amicable and healthy atmosphere in the college to promote cordial relation among the ,staff members and between student and staff member etc this cell also   helps staff, students and parents to record their complaints and solve their problems related to academics, resources and personal Grievances.

Women Harassment Complaints will be handled by WOMENS GRIEVANCE REDRESSEL CELL as per government guide lines.

Suggestion/Complaint Boxes have been installed at different palaces in the college campus in which the students/staff, can drop their  grievances and their suggestions for improving the academics/Administration. students, parents and staff can lodge a complaint. Students can also lodge ragging complaint. The aggrieved  can personally approach and write/Email any member of the cell. They can send email on or write an application and submit it to cell convenor.

2T.V. SubbaraoAssociate ProfessorS&HConvener
3K.Venkata ramaiahAssociate ProfessorCSEMember
4N.Vijay ShankarAssociate ProfessorECEMember
5DR.K.VishnuAssociate ProfessorCIVILMember
6I.Bhanu lathaAssociate ProfessorMECHMember
7Ch.HariBabuAssociate ProfessorEEEMember
9R.Usha sriStudentCIVILMember
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Grievance Cell Chebrolu Engineering College