Student Centric Method

Student Centric Method

Experiential learning: The institution offers experiential learning for students with the following

  • Laboratory Sessions: Laboratory sessions are conducted for better understanding of theoretical concepts.
  • Internships: Internships are provided to the Students through MOUs with the industries.
  • Industrial study visits & Field visits: Organized to expose to the current technologies and to provide an opportunity to learn practically through interaction.
  • Integrated tools: Students are encouraged to enroll in online courses like NPTEL-SWAYAM, CISCO and Spoken Tutorial.
  • Bridge course: Bridge courses are conducting for lateral entry students for filling the gaps of academic courses.

First year-Induction Program

  • E-Learning: The institute provides NDL logins to accesses test books & references, course materials, project reports, magazines, printed journals & e-journals.

Participative learning:

The Institution focuses on students for active involvement by independently and interdependently by collaborative learning methods

  • Workshops, Guest lectures and Seminars: Students are encouraged to train on latest trends and innovative technologies by organizing workshops, guest lectures and seminars.
  • Group Discussions & Debates: Encouraging students to participate in debates and discussions. Students participating in a Group Discussion in English Lab
  • Technical Presentation: The students are encouraged to participate in technical events to show case their presentation skill through poster, paper and model presentations and to contribute articles to the college Magazines.
  • Peer group collaborative learning: Students from multi-disciplines are involved for participating in development of products by sharing their experience with each other.
  • Alumni Interaction: Alumni meets are organized every year to build the strong relationship
    between students and alumni to share their experience and knowledge towards career building.
  • Think pair-share: Implemented in classrooms to help students to form individual
    ideas, discussions and share with in other groups.
    13.Technical club activities: The institution has various professional societies like IEEE, CSI,
    , ISO, where the students actively participate in activities.
    Problem solving methodologies: Problem Solving Methodologies are processes through which a
    situation or issue may be analyzed, and solutions implemented.
  • Hands-on training programs: In every semester, the students will undergo the training activities to
    explore on industry and advanced technologies.
  • Project Based learning: Students get an opportunity to design and develop projects by information
    gathering, investigating, analyzing and demonstrating on real time challenges.
  • Open ended Problem solving: Apart from the regular laboratory experiments, students are encouraged
    to develop hands-on and feasible solutions for open ended problems.
  • Innovative model development: Encourages the students on real-time problems with innovative
    solution for developing models to meet the challenges in industry and society.
  • Assignments & Quizzes: Used to analyze the performance and the understanding capability of each
  • student at the end of the concept.