Strategic Development and Deployment

Strategic Development and Deployment:

The perspective strategic plan towards the holisticdevelopment of enrolled student is the vision of the management. The strategicplan caters to provide world class state of the art infrastructure, enrichingfaculty skills through participation in faculty development programs,increasing research outputs, enhancing outreach activities, strengtheninginnovation/incubation centre, providing entrepreneurship skills for the studentsand finally safeguarding the interest of all the stake holders.

Enhancement of Infrastructure: For every fortnight the management updates about the performance and the progress of the institution to ensure the fulfillment of the goals and persuade for the academic excellence, upgradation of facilities in required areas with standard agenda. All the resolutions are practically implemented to the requirement and enrichment in the teaching-learning process in a broader perspective.

The evolution of the institution can be seen starting with one main block and developing the other blocks year after the year and in creating and expanding infrastructure facilities. The institution is now functioning with three main blocks. At CHEC, the student experiences high values. The management ensures the student benefit of a high quality learning environment that includes spacious classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, state-of-the-art computing facilities, rich and diverse knowledge resource centers, smart class rooms, video theatres, seminar halls, auditoriums, first class sporting facilities with indoor and outdoor complexes, practice and rehearsal halls for cultural activities, feel at home hostel accommodation facilities and extensive facilities for on-campus training and placement. At CHEC, quality education is more than a philosophy; it is the very essence of our existence.

It is the agenda of the institution to promote the ample opportunities for the students and to make the required provisions like enhancing the infrastructure facilities, class rooms, laboratories, and library facilities. Though the institution is existed with required facilities it goes on enriching to the fulfillment of the goals with strategic plans beyond to the syllabus in order to make the student fraternity not only thorough professionals but also responsible citizens, who can contribute for the development of the society and the nation. The quest for enriching the facilities goes beyond the mandatory facilities to execute activities like a few cited below.

  • Entrepreneur Development Cell (EDC)
  • Higher Education Cell (covers area/ classrooms for training for UPSC Exams, GRE, TOEFL and others)
  • Centre for Soft Skills and Latest Trends
  • Club Activities Discussion Rooms
  • Practice Rooms / Green Rooms (for Boys and Girls Separately)
  • Retiring Rooms (for Boys and Girls Separately)
  • Smart Class Rooms
  • Video Theatres