Service Rules

Service Rules:

1. General


(a) These rules shall be called “RV Institute of Technology (RVIT)”, Service and Conduct Rules” and came into force from the month of August 2013. These rules supersede all the rules put into force, previously.

(b) These rules shall apply to all categories of employees (Teaching and Supporting Staff Members).

2. Definition:

(a) ‘College’ means RV Institute of Technology, Chebrolu.

(b) ‘Society’ means Sri Visweswaraiah Educational Society, Chebrolu.

(c) ‘Teaching Post’ means a post carrying a definite scale of pay / consolidated pay sanctioned without limit of time and included in the cadre of sanctioned posts.

(d) ‘Supporting Staff Members’ means a person appointed in a Non-Teaching post to which no other person holds a lien.

3. Appointing Authority:

All appointments of the faculty and Staff Members of the College shall be made by the Secretary, subject to the approval of the Management.

4. Appointment on Contract:

Appointment of faculty and other Staff Members can be made on contract basis by the Management subjected to the approval of the Management.

5. Mode of Selection:

Selection of the faculty member shall be made by a Selection Committee constituted and approved by the Management.

6. Termination of Service/Resignation:

(a) Based on the opinion of the appointing authority, the efficiency of an employee has been impaired due to any infirmity, his/her retention in service is considered undesirable, his/her services may be terminated, by such appointing authority.

(b) Any employee of the College may withdraw his/her engagement, by submitting to the appointing authority, three months’ notice in writing or payment of three month salary in lieu thereof, if agreed by the appointing authority, provided that the appointing authority may, for sufficient reasons, call upon the employee concerned to continue till the end of the academic session, in which the notice is received.

(c) The other terms and conditions of such employment shall be specified by the appointing authority in the letter of appointment.

7. Retirement:

(a) The age of retirement of teaching faculty member shall be as per AICTE Norms.

(b) The age of retirement of other non-teaching Staff Members shall be as per the State Government Rules or as may be decided by the Management.

8. Leave:

(a) Staff Members are eligible to avail One day Casual Leave for every completed month of service.

(b) Such leave can normally be availed only with prior approval of the Head of the Institution i.e. the Principal.

(c) Leave application should be submitted to the Head of the Institution (Principal) before 12.00 AM of the previous day/day of avail of leave.

(d) In emergency cases whenever the Staff Member is unable to get prior sanction of leave, he/she should inform to the Head of the Department concerned, over the phone after altering the workload, about his/her absence on leave. In such case, the leave application should be submitted for approval on the immediate reporting day with relevant supporting documents; otherwise his/her absence will be treated as “Absent”.

9. Vacation:

Staff Members are permitted to avail Summer/Winter Vacation on the following conditions.

(i)  The eligible period of vacation for Teaching Staff Members is as follows.

(ii) Vacation period shall include Saturdays, Sundays and holidays (preceding, succeeding and in between).


Experience within the Institute Summer Vacation Winter Vacation
One year completed 04 weeks 01 week
Six months completed 02 weeks NIL


Experience within the Institute Summer Vacation Winter Vacation
One year completed 02 weeks NIL
Six months completed 01 week NIL
  • Non-Teaching Staff Members are not eligible for winter vacation.
  • The vacation shall start on any day of the week, but the last day of the vacation shall not fall on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and also the first day shall not fall on a Monday.
  • Un-availed summer / winter Vacation cannot be combined. Also surrendering of vacation period for “claim of salary” is not allowed.
  • Staff Members must submit joining report to the Principal on the next day of completion of vacation.
  • Staff Members shall be permitted to attend Central Valuation duty only during vacation period. The period of Examination duty spent during vacation will be treated as vacation and not as OD.
  • If a Staff Member is “Absent” for duty, for more than 2 times, the vacation will be deducted from his/her account at a ratio of 1:2 (i.e., for 1 day absent, 2 vacation days to be deducted).

10. On Duty:

  1. Teaching Staff Members shall be permitted to avail ON DUTY for a maximum period of 10 days for University Examination duty purpose and 5 days for attending FDP/Workshop/Conference/Symposiums/Seminars etc. in an academic year. ON DUTY shall be availed only with prior approval of the Head of the Institution (Principal).
  2. Teaching Staff Members who are deputed for specific purpose on “Other Duty” should submit a detailed report to the Principal about the purpose for which they are deputed, on the next day without fail.
  3. The Staff Members who are proceeding on “Other Duty” with the approval of Principal should produce the “Attendance Certificate” immediately on the date of joining the duty after availing “OD”.

11. Conduct and Discipline:

The Management shall be at liberty to take necessary disciplinary action against any Staff Members for valid reasons.  In such cases a formal enquiry shall be conducted and penalties like ceasing increments, ceasing promotions, dismissal from service etc. may be imposed, whenever and wherever required, based on the enquiry report.

12. Awards / Incentives for Staff :

  • Staff Members producing 100% in the Theory Subjects during the  University Examinations, will be awarded with appreciation certificates.
  • Staff Members who continue rendering their services to the Institution for a consecutive period of 10 years and 15 years will be awarded with appreciation certificates.

Cash Prizes for Staff Members for result oriented Performances:

For subject Teachers of all Theory subjects of a class for producing 100% result in all subjects for the same class Rs. 1, 00, 000/- (to be shared within those who handled the class)
For subject Teachers of Theory producing 100% pass in the subjects handled by them Rs. 5,000/- per subject


  • Presenting paper in International Conference (held abroad) – Rs. 10,000/-.
  • Publishing papers in high indexed International Journals – Rs. 3000/-
  • Publishing books- Rs. 5000/-

13. Amenities

  • The Management shall encourage faculty members to upgrade their knowledge and in this context shall undertake to bear the cost of higher academic qualification or special training of faculty members after signing a necessary conditional bond to serve the institution for a certain period after benefiting from such academic qualification/training.
  • subsidised transportation shall be provided to all the faculty members to and from the Institution within the city limits (inclusive of the urban agglomeration).

14. Break of service can be availed for Less than one year, beyond which if it exceeds one year, the faculty member should reappear for Interview and join the duty.

15. Three Months in prior notice should be given to resign from the services.

16. The Faculty should not leave the Institute without any prior information and resigning amidst the semester is strictly not permitted.

17. Promotions and Increments are given to the eligible Staff Members after the successful completion of one year of service, as per the AICTE Norms.

18. Staff Members are permitted to pursue Higher Graduation, as part time programme, whiles erving the Institution.

19. By providing registration fees and other facilities, Staff Members are given full support to undergo their research work and submit proposals.

20. CPL is given to Staff Members for carrying out the assigned works during Holidays.

21. Contingency amount of Rs.5,000/- per year for each Staff Members to attend Workshops, Seminars, FDP, Conferences, etc, in other institution.

22. Staff Members are allowed to do Ph.D course work through JNT University recognized research Centre, which is also available within the Institution.

23. Management shall pay 50% fee for Patent registration.

24. Any kind of celebration within the campus has to be organized after seeking approval from the Management, in prior.

25. If found dissuading from anything listed in these Rules, the Management shall have the power and authority to decide and act upon any matter of concern that leads to chaos and arising difficulties.