Freshman (First B.Tech)

Freshman (First B.Tech):

The department of Freshman Engineering plays a pivotal role in laying a strong foundation to the major engineering courses like Computer Science & Engineering (CSE), Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE), Mechanical Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE), Civil Engineering.

The subjects that come under this department are Engineering Physics, Engineering Chemistry, Mathematics and English. These subjects are taught in first year of Engineering program.

1Dr. Sk.ShabanaAsoc. ProfessorM.Sc,PhD1010
2Nimmagadda VenkatraoAsst. ProfessorM.Sc281
3Thokala Venkata SubbaraoAsst. ProfessorM.Sc, Mphil241
4Sireesha MamidalaAsst. ProfessorM.Sc131
6Dr.K.Vardhan RaoAsoc. ProfessorM.Sc,PhD71
7Yadavalli SubbaraoAsst. ProfessorM.Sc51
8Bellapu Venkata SubbaiahAsst. ProfessorMBA132
9Madhusudhana Rao SriramAsst. ProfessorM.Sc131
10Lakshmi KothakotaAsst. ProfessorM.Sc, Mphil, (PhD)132
11Venkata Lakshmi KolliparaAsst. ProfessorM.A, Mphil, (PhD)172
12Vasumathi AnnamaneniAsst. ProfessorM.A191
13Muvva SrinivasAsst. ProfessorM.A241
14Yeturi Sridhar Y V VAsst. ProfessorMBA171
15Kanumni BharathiAsst. ProfessorMA151
16Kurapati  NagendraAsst. ProfessorM.Sc21
17Gottipati Mastan ChowaryAsst. ProfessorM.Sc51
18Srinivasulu MalapatiAsst. ProfessorM.Sc,MPhil, (PhD)51
19Desamala Bhima RaoAsst. ProfessorM.A20
20V T V KumarAsst. ProfessorM.Lib150
21MD  Nazeer Hussin KhanAssoc ProfessorP.hD152
22Koyi Hari BabuAsst. ProfessorM.Sc111
23Koyi RaginiAsst. ProfessorM.Sc121
24Namburi MalakondalaraoAsst. ProfessorMBA21
25E ReddemmaAsst. ProfessorMBA21
26L YogendrachowdaryAssocProfessorMA222
27Muruktla ChandrikaAsst. ProfessorMBA11
28B HanumanjaiahAsst. ProfessorMBA41
29A Subba RaoAsst. ProfessorM.Sc, (PhD)91