Best Practices

Best Practices:

Title: Making the education to be a Source of livelihood through the institution for the down-trodden students

Objectives of the practice:

  • To make the students associating their skills, knowledge and competencies for various activities through the system of education.
  • To make the students getting their provision of livelihood through their knowledge and cope with the opportunities for their well being.
  • To equip the students with knowledge of research methods and applying to the needs of the society through the contribution of technology for the improvement of socio-cultural settings and for the transformation of technical knowledge.

The Context:

  • The management viewed the social-cultural milieus of the students is not enough to make the students cope with the required level of competitions in the open market.
  • The management felt that the students along with program outcomes, course outcomes, they must be enabled to be trained like some programs in the respective program or courses.
  • The HODs of the respective departments located the students from less-privileged community and areas, promoted them towards the skilled programs as the special training was arranged by the management on their own initiation like web designing, python programming, data mining, cutting- tools, Surveying etc.


  • The management called for several resource persons  for the training sessions.
  • Each of the student of the less privileged sections has been provided Rs 10,000/- incentives for the program outcome.
  • The management recommended the Alumni funds to organize the workshops, industrial visits and the other life skills program.

Problems encountered and resources required:

  • Identification of the students deserved for the support.
  • Motivating the students through the practice of orientation programs, announcing the cash prizes for the novel, and thought provoking ideas and projects.
  • Collection of the funds from various trusties, associations and organizations.

Evidence of Success:

  • The college has stated that the program outcomes, course outcomes are successfully on progress-stream.
  • The students who were benefited with the training are running the workshops in their respective areas with continuous support of faculty, alumni and other resources.
  • Every pieces of development of the latest program steps   are effectively communicated through the college website and other means of communicative procedures.