Academic Council

Academic Council has been constituted with the Principal as the Chairman, all heads of departments, two

senior faculty of the college and a member secretary.

Academic Council is the principal academic body of this Institute. It is responsible for laying down,
regulating, and maintaining the standards of instruction, education and examination within the Institute.

It has the right to advise the Governing Body on all academic matters. This Committee will act as
disciplinary committee for critical cases.

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Given below is the list of the Academic Council Members:

S.No Category Name of Member with Designation
1 Principal Dr.R.V.Krishnaiah
2 HOD-CSE Prof.V.Dinesh Babu
3 HOD-ECE Dr.N.Vijaya Shankar
4 HOD-EEE Prof.Ch.Hari Babu
5 HOD-MECH Prof.I.Bhanulatha
6 HOD-CIVIL Dr.K.Vardhan Rao
7 HOD-H&S Dr.Sk.Shabana
8 Faculty Dr.B.Bhavani, Dept of CSE
9 Faculty Dr.Ch.Kiran, Dept of CSE


Chebrolu Engineering College has formed an effective student council system where the students are involved in various decision making policies on academic and administrative bodies. Students committees are intended to make them ambience to express their opinions and thoughts. The student committees promote the culture of student participation in many initiative programs for the education and career development. Here the active students body functioning smoothly with all the other departments and committees with effective coordination. This proves how they are grooming themselves for the sources of leadership. Here we mention below various student council and representative committees in our college are:

Class Review Committee: Class Review Committee is formed in every class of the course in both Under Graduate (UG)/Post Graduate (PG) Program combining the faculty and students in the ratio of 1:4.  Student members of class review committee help DAC (Departmental Academic Committee) in the process of academic plan implementation of every subject in a semester.

Students’ Welfare & Extra Curricular Activities Committee: It is the committee formed with the students who are promoted for higher courses. Many innovative welfare and extracurricular activities are planned and effectively executed under the guidance of faculty.

Library Committee: Student members of the library committee help in the procurement of text books, journals and other learning material besides keeping their effective participation in the annual verification program.

Alumni Association: Every department promotes some active students to have the deep association with the faculty and by the way alumni association is formed. It performs Many activities with great coordination and give their feedback for the effective management of  academic program.

Anti-Ragging committee: The College forms the anti ragging committee associating the faculty with students in view of promoting the ragging free campus. The student members of the committee take the vital role to prevent the elements of ragging through their monitoring under the guidance of faculty across the campus at the corresponding time slots.

 Grievance Redressal Cell: The cell is under the supervision of lady faculty with the assistance of two male faculty where they join 4 students from each year, altogether 20 students are working effectively to observe and monitor the female students and fight for redressal of the grievances. The matters of harassment and suppression of any single individual are handled by grievance redressal cell.

The Women’s cell: The institution encourage the women cell which is formed with senior lady faculty and the female students of various courses. It is mainly intended to empower women and girls in academia through imparting educational, awareness training programs, to strengthen them towards leadership and self-motivation and to make them confident individuals in career.